Sphynx Cattery 

Your Home for Hairless Cats in South Florida

About The Sphynx

Baby Doll Biting Sandwich

“We want to eat with you!”

Alicia and Victoria web

“We want to sleep with you!”

Lisa with Hannah washing her arm better

“We are very loving!”

Pretty Boy Playnig Looking Away“We love to play!” Stella with her doggie friend“We love doggies and they like us!” Cropped Resized Maggie and Turtle about to touch noses

“We love hair cats and they like us!”

Nefertiti and Shirleys Husband“We want to be with our humans!” Samsonwithprettygirl
“We’re great with children!”
Samson with handsome boy
Holly on top of chair Troy standing petting her Mozzie car ride sized“We are good travelers!” Resized Penelope with Jorge and Maria

“We become part of your family!”

Ramses on Wardrobe“We have an exotic physique!” Sphynx in Sweater
“We have a great sense of fashion!”
Samson in Stud Outfit sitting
King Tut Cleopatra Closeup“We’re great with costumes and parties!” KING TUT 2009edited