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Captain in His New Home

 Captain Has a New Home with Sandy and Peter

       Sandy is a friend and our former cat sitter who moved several years ago to another part of Florida.  Sandy and Peter have a wonderful home with two other of our Sphynx cats, several other cats, dogs, horses, and chickens.  They love Captain already and are giving him the best home ever!

  Captain in His New Home









alexandria-on-cat-tree-web alexandria-portrait-web

Sunpine Alexandria has left for her new home.

Born February 4, 2015.  Daughter of TICA/CFA Champion Holly and CFA National Champion Roscoe.

          Sunpine Luxana Born 12/25/2011

Luxana sitting on palm tree platform

Luxana has a New Home


Luxana with her new mama

Luxana on Jimmys back

Oddy Has a New Home
Oddy and New Family


Dharmadoo portrait closeup

Dharmadoo Born 08/24/2009

Darmadoo Has a New Home

Barbara with Dharmadoo

Pistol Has a New Home

Pistol on couch with toy

Pistol Born 10/23/2008

 Zeus with New FriendZeus with German Shepherd

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