Sphynx Cattery 

Your Home for Hairless Cats in South Florida


Holly of Sunpine (Retired)
Seal Tortie Point/White
CFA/TICA Champion

Holly for Yearbook Web Holly Portrait in Tree Web Holly Sitting on Cat Tree Leaf Holly on the throne
Holly TICA’s Third Best Seal Tortie Point/White Sphinx of the Year 2010
Holly being judged at CFA Show 2010 Halloween Theme

Cat’s Exclusive CFA Show October 2010

Hollys Yearbook Award 2010 resized

Sunpine Luxana (Retired)
Seal Tortie Point
Daughter of TICA/CFA Champion Holly

Luxana on Jimmys back Luxana at TICA Show September 2012
Luxana at TICA Show October 2012
Luxana portrait 2

Sunpine Queen Victoria (Tory)
Seal Tortie Point/White
Daughter of Sunpine Pinkie

Tory and kittens born April 10 2014 Victoria on dresser looking down Tory on cabinet nibbling flaminco paddle

 ZuZu of Sunpine
Blue Point/White

 ZuZu on Palm Tree for web  ZuZu portrait  ZuZu standing