Sphynx Cattery 

Your Home for Hairless Cats in South Florida

Kittens Available

More Kittens Will Be Available in January 2018.

(We will post an announcement here and on Facebook when kittens are available for deposits.)

Prince Reddy, Red Point
Born July 10, 2017

Tory’s Kittens

Lady Tortie
Born July 10, 2017


Hannah Bare Noir


Hannah Bare Noir/Captain Kittens Born December 24, 2016

Hannah and her Kittens
(Not available)

Inana/Captain Kittens Born December 7, 2016
(Not Available)






 Athena born July 7, 2016 and her new family.athena-pickup-web

  Jellybean born July 7, 2016 has left for her new home.

jellybean-in-her-new-home-2-web jellybean-in-her-new-home-web


Genesis born July 7, 2016 in her new home.


Arlo born July 19, 2016 in his new home.


Salome born July 18, 2016 has gone to her new home.




The Kittens Pictured Below (Born April 17, 2016) have left for their New Homes.

Gino With His New Family
Gino going home Web

Loki With His New Family
Loki going home Web

Nudie With Her New Family
Nudie Pickup Kelsey






 Vanda, born February 8, 2016, has left for her new home.

Vanda web

Genesis, born February 8, 2016, has left for her new home.

Genesis on shoe box web




David Archie boxes web David Archie in cat bed web David by pumpkins
 Hannah laying on side belly exposed  Saber on top of palm cat tree  Zeus under Xmas Tree Cropped
 Archie laying over Sally on porch web