Sphynx Cattery 

Your Home for Hairless Cats in South Florida


Majik, Flame Point
Retired Stud

Majik sitting on mini cat tower Majik at sliding glass door

Retired Stud

Marie and Bruce with Marduk Closeup

Murduk’s New Family

Marduk on rug in bathroom Marduk in bed

TICA’s Best Tortie Sphynx
of the year 2009

 Elizabeth and Dennis with TurtledooTurtledoo and Her New Family Turtle left side facing left tongue out TICA Champion Black Tortie
Born 10/12/2007
CFA and TICA Breeder

Snowbare (Hannah)

Hannah was loving and

She was loved

A Cropped Hannah Looking ahead very nice contrast Hannah on Heater foot up Cropped closer
September 30, 2006 – July 20, 2012

Cropped Hannah with Kittens in Brown Bed Closeup
Hannah and Her First Litter with Sunpine



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