Sphynx Cattery 

Your Home for Hairless Cats in South Florida

Retired II

Sunpine Henry VIII Retired

Henry VIII in Vogue Italia May 2012
Henry Portrait Closeup
Henry VIII Born 05/11/2010
Henry in show tent at airport playing
Henry VIII at Vogue Italia Photo Shoot
October 2011
Jimmy with Henry VIII at show
Sunpine Henry VIII at CFA Show
October 2010
Sunpine Henry VIII at CFA
Show October 2011
 Henry VIII being judged at CFA Show 2010 Henry at October 2011 CFA Show

Cybersphynx Arthur of Sunpine

Arthur curled up on bed on right side
King Arthur of Sunpine
December 2011
Arthur and GinaGina has given Arthur a wonderful home Arthur and Pinkie on cat tree
King Arthur Born 12/25/2007
Retired Stud



Princess Leah on leopard closeup

Princess Leah of Sunpine Sphynx
Blue Point

Web Princess Leah Portrait Head Cocked to Side




Web Princess Leah Standing on Pink Blanket

 Cindi with Leah side view
Princess Leah and Cindi, who gave her a loving home August 2014

Sunpine Pinkie Retired
me Point
aughter of TICA Champion Turtledoo and Littermate of Brazilian Champion Chanel

Pinkie on green and white towel on chair


Gina with Pinkie and Arthur
 Gina has given Pinkie a wonderful home with Arthur

Pinkie right side on towel on chair