Sphynx Cattery 

Your Home for Hairless Cats in South Florida


Sunpine Roscoe Brown Mack Tabby CFA National Champion

 Roscoe Portrait
The Kitten Roscoe
The Big Boy Roscoe
Roscoe on ties in front of mirror Roscoe on leather chair left side looking ahead Roscoe showing strips on belly
Roscoe at CFA Show
October 2013
Roscoe, CFA
National Champion
Roscoe at show October 2013 Roscoe playing at show Roscoe in final at October 2013 show
Roscoe on hammock in show tent Roscoe in cowboy costume Roscoe with ribbons at show

Maramae Oddessy “Oddy”

Odd-Eyed White

Oddy on recliner looking up Oddy on recliner closeup Oddy Portrait by Isaac

Photo by Isaac Paniza
Coordinator Editorial E Pets

Oddy laying on window seat looking at camera
Captain on cat tree in guest room

Green-Eyed Blue
CFA National Champion

Captain in Corner Cat Tree

Captain laying on side on cat tree in guest room