Sphynx Cattery 

Your Home for Hairless Cats in South Florida

Sphynx Love

The Sphynx Hairless Cat is unbelievably loving!
Experience this wonderful cat for yourself!

David with Hannah

“I will always love him!”

Cleopatra with Yoanka and Cesar Closeup

“I’m going to love you as much as you love me!”

Twins with Turtle
Mario and Snowbare

“Love is my middle name!”

Stitch Shows Unconditional Love

“Love is who I am!”

Leo with Nebula

“Are we going to go home now?”

Cropped Pic Hannah Looking up at Maria and all Kittens in Shot

“We love this beautiful lady”

Cropped Pic George holding Hannah looking left and Jim

“I want one just like this!”

Kat Closeup on Sofa

“I’m a baby, too!”

Deborah and Travis with Stella

“I love them already!”


“This is how I get around!”

Mario, Brianna, and Luna

Our first Sphynx from
Sunpine Sphynx